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"Wall-less" hospital is possible even today
We also offer “just” a personnel safety solution
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Finnish people have always been the pioneers in researching and developing wireless technology. The foundation is solid – creating pioneering technologies is nothing new to us. We have proven this to be true dozens of times.

We believe that smart technology can take care of routine tasks discreetly in the background by creating a safety net for health care professionals and service users, while freeing more time for the most important thing – the person.

Our solution has been developed together with health care professionals to ensure that it adjusts to their working methods so that the use of our products is effortless and makes it easier to take care of routine procedures.

We value good working atmosphere that uses client satisfaction as an encouragement to create new innovations.

ard professional team that supports our clients in all areas. We offer a comprehensive sales support, take care of production and logistics and ensure training and high quality technical support for our clients.

If you are confronted with a difficult situation, you can rely on our support around the clock.

9Solutions Oy is the market leader in health care security and communication systems based in Oulu, Finland. We base our systems around locating people and devices. We offer solutions for personnel security, nurse calls, access management and locating for both hospitals and care homes. We also offer smart care phone and access management solutions for homecare together with a nationwide affiliate network.

Sami Herrala, Chief executive officer, 9Solutions Oy
Welcome to the world of 9Solutions!

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