A.M.I. Italia S.r.l.

Via Cupa Reginella, 17 A, 80010 Quarto (NA)
Telephone +39 081 8060574
Fax +39 081 8764769

Product Categories

01 Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
01.07 Emergency Medicine / Rescue Equipment
01.07.03 First-aid equipment
First-aid equipment

Saver One
AED with LCD Display
Saver ONE P
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Company details
A.M.I. Italia is a company operating from many years in the medical field as a manufacturer and direct importer both in terms of medical equipment and for specialized disposable equipment. The Company is manufacturing Ultrasound Doppler Systems for vascular screening with integrated spectrum analysis, Proctology Doppler complex for effective treatment of hemorrhoids, Automated External Defibrillator for SCA (Sudden Cardiac Arrest) emergencies.
A.M.I. Italia has become a successful technological industrial in a sector with very high innovation content. Young, dynamic and flexible, is able to anticipate customer’s needs. Today is leading into Italian and international markets with its open-minded and market-oriented strategy but mainly by investing in research till to become one of the most important Italian Company.


A.M.I. Italia Founded in the early nineties by merging the skills and experience of its founders in the medical devices field and technical service.

1995 Designing our first device: “ANGIODIN PC” (ultrasound doppler)
1997 Creating our BIOMEDICAL Department for local global-health professional service.
2000 National exclusive Distribution Contracts with Int’l Majors famous for medical devices.
2005 Creating our own brand line of Patient Monitoring Systems.
2007 Designing our first Automated External Defibrillator: Saver One
2008 Designing other 2 models, SAVER ONE D & ONE P for completing our AED series.
2009 Producing our AED Training System: Saver One T.
2011 Launching of the FULLY AUTOMATIC version of the SAVER ONE.


We strongly believe in our products. That’s not just the success of years in research and huge investments but it’s also the result of diligent commitment and passion of all the people who invested in this marketing dream and hopes. Thus, we produce our devices with the latest technology in-use in order to reach the maximum reliability and security.
Passion in what we do is the guideline of our Company and we are continually seeking for the customer’ satisfaction, specializing our support day after day.
Recently, thanks to the latest telecommunications we created a Customer Service able to ensure prompt response to any request.
Our care to each customer need, made us develop an appropriate After-Sales Service, fast and accurate. We always warrant ready-to-use and reliable devices but, in case of technical problems, our professional staff is able to solve it quickly.
Our production and service staff is daily using calibrated and certified tools and equipment for any kind of test.

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