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United States of America
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01 Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
01.01 Diagnostics
01.01.02 Heart circulation diagnostics Cardiography equipment and accessories (ECG, PCG, MCG)
Cardiography equipment and accessories (ECG, PCG, MCG)

QED 2000 - 12 Lead ECG Recorder w/ Analysis Algorithm
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Company details
ACME Dynacardia is a partnership between ACME Portable and Dynacardia. With over 20 years of experience, ACME Portable specializes in manufacturing and building high-performance, unique computers that are customized specifically for special applications. Meanwhile, Dynacardia specializes in advanced biosignal algorithms: specifically cross-disciplinary scientific research and device development specializing in non-invasive detection of heart diseases such as myocardial ischemia, diabetes, hypertrophy, atrial fibrillation and cardiomyopathy.

In 2006, we partnered up with a mission to research, develop, and bring to market new medical diagnostics and technologies that are affordable and accessible. In 2008, we started our first clinical trials. Recently, we began receiving medical certificates and approvals for our system and algorithm.

ACME Dynacardia leverages strong R&D platforms and QA systems from ACME Portable Machines to provide professional medical product design and services to our customers. Our patented ECG detection and PPG module measurement techniques have brought the new fields of development for professional and home use medical devices.

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