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Language Services for the Medical, Life Sciences, IT/Telecommunications and Technology Sectors

Translation and localization into all the world’s business languages

Welcome to ADAPT Localization Services! We deliver a complete spectrum of product localization services tailored to the needs of the medical, life sciences, IT/Telecommunications, and technology industries:

Translation, adaptation, and validation of software interfaces
Translation and adaptation of documentation, online help, and packaging
Translation of catalogs, brochures, datasheets, and other marketing materials
Website translation and localization
Multimedia localization
ADAPT draws upon teams of qualified experts—experienced project managers, translators who translate only into their native tongue and predominantly live in the target market for which they translate, software engineers, layout artists, and graphic designers.

Translation experts for a global marketplace

While not too many years ago it was usually sufficient for a manufacturer to offer their products in a certain set of standard languages like English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Chinese to “go international”, various economic and political developments have led to a notable increase in the amount of languages. Today, even specialist technology products are often translated into far more than 30 languages, and may include versions for Eastern Europe like Polish or Czech as well as Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Hindi, and several Asian languages like Korean, Vietnamese or Thai, to name only a few examples.

To grow in today’s increasingly global marketplace, companies need a partner who helps them master the linguistic challenges of their expansion into territory unknown to them. And ADAPT’s customers know that wherever they do business, they can count on the support of our worldwide network of regional offices, translation teams, and business partners.

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