Advanced Instrumentations, Inc.

6800 NW 77th Court, 33166 Miami, FL
United States of America
Telephone +1 305 4776331
Fax +1 305 4775351

Product Categories

01 Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
01.04 Intense medicine / anesthesiology / respiration
01.04.03 Incubators

A 3186 Infant Incubator
A 3158 Transport Incubator
A4051 Infant Warmer
A3186+ Infant Incubator safe and reliable
A4051+ Infant Warmer and Total Care Unit
5 Product

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Company details
Founded in August 1988, Advanced Instrumentations is a premier global manufacturer of high quality medical equipment such as Patient Monitors, Incubators, Hospital Beds, Defibrillators, Surgical Tables, Surgical Lamps, Anesthesia and other related products.

Our focus is to provide superior quality products, outstanding customer service and excellent technical support through a network of authorized distributors in all countries where we are present. Advanced Instrumentations prides itself for being a company that is transparent, respectful and environmental friendly.

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