AdvanDx A/S – OpGen

Gungevej 2, 2 Floor, 2650 Hvidovre

Telephone +45 45160799

Product Categories

03 Diagnostics
03.04 Microbiology
03.04.02 Bacteriology - Identification and susceptibility testing
Bacteriology - Identification and susceptibility testing

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Company details
OpGen is uniquely positioned to address the rising antibiotic resistance crisis and is harnessing the power of informatics and genomic analysis to provide complete solutions to protect patients in hospitals and healthcare networks.

Using our large and ever-growing Acuitas Lighthouse® Database of pathogens from around the world, we are developing disruptive technologies aimed to shift the paradigm for managing infectious diseases.

Today, through our CLIA-certified clinical laboratory services, we provide rapid detection and analysis of antibiotic resistance and high resolution microbial sequence analysis. Our FDA-cleared, IVD products rapidly identify pathogens in positive blood cultures.

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