Alphagate Automatisierungstechnik GmbH

Alemannenstr. 49, 6830 Rankweil

Telephone +43 5522 39264-0
Fax +43 5522 39264-14

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Ulf Oberbichler
+43 5522 39264 0


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Company details
Alphagate is an innovative company in the field of software technology with two core competencies, which have great importance especially in the medical technology:

1. User Experience:
Our experts develop concepts, which work on an international scale and meet high standards of appearance, whether it’s for desktop, mobile app or HTML in responsive design, of course exactly in accordance with IEC 62366.

2. Developing high-quality software in accordance with IEC 62304:
- Graphic user interface (internationalized)
- Highlevel Control and Mathematics
- Administration of measured values
- LIS connection
- Mobile Apps
- Cloudstorage
- Remote Maintenance

Our main market at present is invitro diagnostic.
Use: biochemistry, microbiology

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