Alton (Shanghai) Medical Instruments Co., Ltd.

Lingshi Rd. 693-jia, 200072 Shanghai
China, People’s Republic
Telephone +86 21 56771811
Fax +86 21 66307823

Product Categories

01 Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
01.08 Surgery and Endoscopy
01.08.04 Endoscopes and accessories
Endoscopes and accessories

Reusable Scissors Type Grasping Forceps
Reusable Standard Biopsy Forceps
Reusable Oval Fenestrated Cups With Needle
Reusable Rat Tooth Type Grasping Forceps
Reusable Rat Tooth With Alligator Jaws Type Grasping Forceps
5 Products

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Company details
Alton (Shanghai) Medical Instruments Co., Ltd has been established on Jan, 2005. It is a integrated medical devices company(covering professional research and development, products and sales). Our products include endoscopic surgical instruments and endoscopy with peripheral related medical equipment products.

We have got the certificates of ISO13485,EU certification of 93/42EEC and FDA at the initial stage of the company establishment. At the same time, we have registered successfully in Korea, Iran and other Asian countries, which made a solid foundation for entering the Asian market. In addition, we’ve also got the UK Interek certification of CE.

With the developing of medical supplier and physicians surgical innovation, Our company will incessantly devote to combine the clinical development of more new products.

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