Ameco Medical Industries

Industrial Area B4, Plot 119 East, 44629 10th of Ramadan City

Telephone +20 55 4501321
Fax +20 15 501224

Product Categories

05 Commodities and Consumer Goods
05.12 Catheters

Single Lumen Catheters and kits
Permthane Dual Lumen Catheter
Straight Permanent Peritoneal Catheter
Ureteric Catheters
Triple Lumen Catheters kits
5 Products

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Company details
Ameco Medical Industries is a medical group dealing in Catheters & Healthcare business since more than 12 years , and is being directed by physicians who had practiced medicine for quite a long time and who have got a high experience in the use of medical catheters.

Ameco Medical Industries produce "Amecath" Haemodialysis catheters, Urology catheters and Central venous catheters according to high international quality standards and the plant had been equipped with the latest technology machines.

"Amecath " catheters are available in many countries of Europe, USA , Asia, North Africa… and are being FDA approved, CE marked and ISO 13485:2000 certified.

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