AMETEK Technical & Industrial Products, Inc. Dynamic Fluid Solutions Business Unit

100 East Erie Street, 44240 Kent, OH
United States of America
Telephone +1 330 673-3452
Fax +1 330 677-3306

Product Categories

02 Electrical and electronic components
02.01 Actuators

02 Electrical and electronic components
02.09 Blowers, brushless DC / AC
Blowers, brushless DC / AC

Product Overview
1 Product

10 Equipment and technologies for laboratories and manufacturing
10.02 Manufacturing equipment
10.02.16 Blowers

Product Overview
1 Product

10 Equipment and technologies for laboratories and manufacturing
10.02 Manufacturing equipment
10.02.32 Motors, stepper
Motors, stepper

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Helga Vogel
Allmendstr. 11
79848 Bonndorf
0049 7703-930-909


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Company details
AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions (DFS) is a global manufacturer of a broad line of motors, blowers, fans and pumps, at 8 manufacturing locations around the globe. The majority of our manufacturing locations operate under ISO9000 and all of our locations operate with lean manufacturing initiatives. Two of our facilities have received the Dr. Lux Quality Award in succeeding years. This is a prestigious internal award open to all of the AMETEK manufacturing facilities.

Our products serve a wide range of applications including:
- Central Vacuum
- Commercial Floorcare
- Lawn & Garden
- Material Handling
- Spa
- Medical Equipment
- Hazardous Duty
- Transportation
- Business Machines
- Combustion
- Aquaculture
- Fume Evacuation

And Many More....

With hundreds of models ranging from output power of 500W to over 2,000W, AMETEK designs and manufactures the most complete range of air moving products for several niche markets. Our motor and blower platforms can be traditional, or high speed, thru-flow or wet and dry, one fan or multiple fan systems all designed to meet specific customer requirements. Though innovative technology and best practices, AMETEK can provide the most effective solutions for all air moving applications.

From it's creation in 1915, as a small industrial supplier to it's role today as a world leader in electric motor technology, AMETEK has continually set standards for engineering, design, testing, and production excellence with such state-of-the-art tools, techniques and equipment as:
- 3D Modeling Equipment
- Finite Analysis Programs
- Fan Design Capability
- RFI Measurement
- On-Site Model Shop
- Life Testing Laboratories
- Sound Testing Facilities
- Motor Test Laboratories

At AMETEK DFS, we work closely with our customers to assure that we match each product's capabilities to the specific requirements of each application. Our team of Field Sales and Application Engineers are available to provide you with expert assistance and evaluation- whether you're designing an individual unit or an entire air moving system- we're here to help you.

With the widest range of products available, AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions has the expertise to tackle every application requiring a motor, pump, or air moving device.

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