Andreas Hettich GmbH & Co. KG

Postfach 2 60, 78503 Tuttlingen
Föhrenstr. 12, 78532 Tuttlingen
Telephone +49 7461 705-0
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Company details
Hettich is known throughout the world as a manufacturer of high-quality centrifuges. Indeed, our centrifuges are used beyond the globe in the International Space Station. Most of our centrifuges, however, are used in medical laboratories, research institutes and in industrial labs. Laboratory personnel value Hettich equipment because of its long service life, good design and ergonomics. Our centrifuges have been proven in use for more than 100 years.

Creative and individual: Hettich centrifuges and laboratory equipment
Hettich is different: We make everything ourselves. We carry out our own research and development, design our equipment, make prototypes, tools, rotors, casings and manufacture the centrifuges and accessories in Tuttlingen. Our personnel constantly develop innovative special solutions for our customers. There are currently almost 20 models in our centrifuge range, with numerous variants, from the small manual centrifuge through to high-performance floor-standing models for large laboratories. Hettich will develop solutions to meet requirements that its standard models do not satisfy. The needs of the customer are always our priority. Our personnel are highly trained and can respond rapidly and individually to every situation. Their innovative, dynamic spirit is reflected in the laboratory equipment we manufacture.

Experience and innovation: A tradition at Hettich
Hettich started to make medical instruments back in 1904. The founder of the company, Andreas Hettich, set the company on the right path through brave decisions and a good understanding of market requirements. The first Hettich centrifuges were developed in 1908 and were marketed with outstanding success. The company then focused on the manufacture and development of user-oriented centrifuges.

In the following years Hettich refined its centrifuges further and continuously expanded the range. The needs of our customers and technical progress continuously stimulated new developments. Günter Eberle, who led the company from 1956 to 2005, continued with this philosophy. Under his visionary leadership, Hettich established a prominent position on the global market. Hettich was granted more than 200 national and international patents during this period.

From 2005 to July 2015, Horst and Klaus-Günter Eberle, the sons of Günter Eberle, managed the company and further consolidated its international position. In August 2015 Klaus-Günter Eberle took over the sole management of the company. Hettich is now one of the leading manufacturers of laboratory centrifuges, incubators and vacuum concentrators in the world.

Focused and committed
Hettich currently has 270 personnel and 13 trainees who work continuously on the further development of Hettich centrifuges and laboratory equipment. Hettich has a field team of 23 who provide service and maintenance for our equipment and expert advice throughout Germany, with a 24-hour response time as a rule. Hettich has subsidiaries in a number of European countries, in the USA and in the Asia-Pacific Region. It has authorised representatives throughout the world. Research and development and production are still carried out in Tuttlingen, on a site of over 17,000 m².

Responsibility and sustainability – Hettich cares for people and the environment
As a manufacturer Hettich cares both for the safety of its personnel and for the protection of the environment. Manufacturing processes are energy-efficient and eight specialist personnel are responsible for the long service life and ease with which Hettich laboratory equipment can be repaired. Waste is sorted and disposed of correctly. The logistics have a low impact on the environment. Hettich uses local suppliers where possible to avoid long transport distances for the components and materials that it buys. Hettich further ships its products to the USA by sea where possible, reducing the quantity sent by air. These measures are evaluated and confirmed at regular intervals by external experts. Hettich was awarded DIN EN ISO 14001 certification in 2009.

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