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AC Voca Speech Recognition Routing Solution for Healthcare
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Erik Heirman
ACVoca DACH Sales Manager
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Gidi Adlersberg
Product Marketing Manager


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Company details
AC Voca is an internal AudioCodes subsidiary aimed at delivering top-notch, enterprise-grade speech recognition solutions for organizations and businesses. With vast technology experience, AC Voca is designing and delivering an independent speech recognition engine with unique enterprise expertise since 1993, carrying out hundreds of enterprise projects and solution deployments.

The AC Voca speech recognition technology is backed by dedicated linguistics, voice and data engineers, allowing an extremely high detection rate in its designated work-related domains, with over 95% call routing success rate. Speech recognition capabilities are supported in multiple languages.

As an AudioCodes subsidiary, the AC Voca speech recognition solutions are enjoying the highest degree of integration and interoperabilitywith any telephony PBX or IVR systems.

Within several years of activity, AC Voca solutions are deployed in hundreds of organizations, including global enterprises such as Intel Corporation, Motorola, E&Y, Teva Pharmaceuticals and more, with proven success, customer satisfaction and a positive, meaningful ROI.

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