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03.02 Immunochemistry (Immunology)
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03 Diagnostics
03.02 Immunochemistry (Immunology)
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Auto-immune diseases

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03 Diagnostics
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03.05.04 Controls / Standards / Calibrators - Infect. immunology
Controls / Standards / Calibrators - Infect. immunology

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Company details
ArkAb is the sales division of B Cell Design focused on the in vitro diagnostic market. ArkAb offers to IVD companies a reliable, reproducible and secured source of chimeric human antibodies for several purposes:

Calibrators, positive controls and quality controls for in vitro diagnostic kits to replace human disease state plasma
Immunocapture antibodies to replace mice antibodies which trigger false positive or false negative answers due to HAMA antibodies.
Research reagents (development or renewal of diagnostic kits, improvement of the products portfolio…)
B Cell Design develops a new mucosal immunotherapy approach for generating a large number of drug and vaccine candidates in infectious field and oncology.
This leads to develop two groundbreaking drug candidates:

A vaccine candidate in infectious diseases field: a worldwide patented HIV vaccine (A new non-HIV vaccine antigen from the vaginal microbiota capable of inducing a mucosal neutralizing protective antibody response against HIV infection – Europe Patent 14305174.6) to prevent or even cure HIV infections. Preliminary studies showed that this approach elicits an efficient local immune response, neutralizing HIV infection of human cells.
A drug candidate in oncology field (colorectal cancer) for immunotherapy, radioimmunotherapy applications or medical imaging.
For more information about B Cell Design, please visit www.b-cell-design.com!

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