Beijing Gaoxin Huakang Technology Co., Ltd

No. 1 Picun Industrial Zone, Chaoyang District, 100018 Beijing
China, People’s Republic
Telephone +86 10 87696228
Fax +86 10 84331892

Product Categories

01 Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
01.04 Intense medicine / anesthesiology / respiration
01.04.05 Oxygen equipment
Oxygen equipment

Double humidify bottle with nebulizer
Portable oxygen concentrator:
Oxygen concentrator with monitor
Oxygen concentrator for beauty
Hyperbaric oxygen chamber
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Company details
Beijing Gaoxin Huakang Technology Co., Ltd. Was established in March 2000, is China’s high-tech investment group to create high-tech enterprises. The company as a professional oxygen concentrator manufacturers, has a history of nearly 17 years. We specialized is engaged in the medical oxygen concenrtrator, generator , Hyperbaric oxygen chamber and industrial
oxygen generator. Company based on the Beijing zhongguancun high-tech park, relying on Beijing university talent advantage in the field of gas separation, leading technology and China’s high-tech investment group, abundant fund focused on the areas of medical, health and environmental engineering technology.Our products has made eight patents, fifteen software copyrights.
Company has made 9000 quality system certification in 2002, taken 13485 medical products and system certification in 2005, completed CE certification in 2008 and passed China household
appliances quality certification testing. Our company has through haidian high-tech enterprises to review at the end of 2008.
Our products won the Chinese goverment bid many times. Export products won the international bidding many times too.
Our products have many good characteristics, such as stable oxygen concentration, atomization effect is remarkable, low power consumption, safe and convenient use, good appearance and
reasonable cost. they are widely used in school, community health centers, nursing homes, hospitals and individual family and so on. The special plateau series oxygen concentrator, with its
high oxygen concentration and stable operation, as well as the reasonable price in the purchase of several group (bureau) of the tender bid. In the mean time, this product won the biding by the
railway builders, xinjiang kunlun road construction workers, its have reputated "fight snow area plateau, challenge life reliable guarantee of the lane and loyal partner."
Our oxygen concentrator supervised the manufacture of hyperbaric oxygen medical branch of Chinese medical supervision. It has obtain the honorary title of the state economic and trade
commission awarded the "national key new product of science and technology". By Beijing disappear assist awarded the title of "green consumer". It won the award for the best business plan for"PSA oxygen generating device" project in the "zhongguancun venture 2001" . Beijing science and technology commission also approved our company to undertake units of the project for major scientific and technological achievements to promote "PSA oxygen
generating device" .

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