Beijing Weili New Century Science & Tech. Deve. Co., Ltd.

F/7 Tower A, Cuiwei Plaza, No. 33 Fuxing Rd., Haidian, 100036 Beijing
China, People’s Republic
Telephone +86 10 68167846
Fax +86 10 68222091

Product Categories

01 Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
01.03 Therapie and physical medicine
01.03.09 Lithotripsy equipment
Lithotripsy equipment

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Company details
Beijing Weili New Century Science & Tech. Deve. Co. Ltd. is a high-tech medical device manufacturer devoted to andrology and infectious disease cause. Established in 1999, with spirits of “Sustainable Development, Reliable Quality”, the company has supplied high-quality products to the urology department, the andrology center, the infectious disease department, the liver disease department, and other relevant departments, winning a universal recognition from hospitals at different levels all over the country. Since andrologic products are strongly recommended by the Andrology Sub-association of Chinese Medical Association, “Weili” has been a well-known brand in the andrology circle nationwide. The artificial liver support system has been improved continuously over the years as a strong rival of imported similar products and used in Class 3 Grade A hospitals in all provinces and cities. With a solid research team, the company has developed its product range from one single product at the very beginning to dozens of products till now. The company established a R&D manufacturing system and a complete quality management system up to international standards.

Weili has a marketing and after-sales service network covering all parts of China, with a close contact with domestic hospitals at different levels and a lot of medical device dealers, and the professional service is available to customers at any time and at any place.

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