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03.05.08 Rapid tests - Infectious immunology
Rapid tests - Infectious immunology

E. coli O157:H7 Rapid Detection Kit, 20 tests
Salmonella Rapid
QuickQuant™ Mouse IgG
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Company details
We focus on rapid, easy-to-use, lateral-flow immunoassays. We develop the crucial reagents, such as gold sols, gold conjugates, gold ribbon, etc. that are the backbone of any high-performance lateral-flow device. Superior reagents, coupled with our development and manufacturing expertise, yield superior assays.

BioAssay Works, LLC (BAW) powers the development of the finest rapid immunoassays. Utilizing our high sensitivity concentrated gold sols, high-performance gold conjugates, and our patented lateral-flow test platform, BAW develops and manufactures rugged lateral-flow tests that rival the sensitivity of ELISA. These tests can be read visually for quick positive/negative results or with simple instruments for more quantitative results.

BAW offers a growing line of products that enable researchers and assay developers to create their own rapid assays. In addition, we are the assay-development partner-of-choice for both early-stage and established companies. We have the capability to manufacture and package your rapid assay, regardless of the volume required.

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