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Medical information systems / software

BioXM™ Knowledge Management Environment
BioRS™ Integration and Retrieval System
Viscovery® Data Mining Suite
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Company details
Biomax Informatics AG was founded in 1997 with a mission to develop software solutions based on the real needs of life science organizations.

Based on 20 years of long-term collaboration with life science clients, we at Biomax are convinced that systematic knowledge management is the key to understand complex processes and help clients get the most from their data resources. We recognized early on that clients need a solution to deal with increasing quantities of unstructured data and have focused development on this goal.

Today Biomax delivers a solution which allows systematic knowledge management: from the digitalization of internal and external data, to the semantic integration of diverse content and methods, and further to the systematic feedback of results and experiences for optimization and sustainability.

The Biomax team has grown continuously in recent years to consist of about 50 multidisciplinary scientists and software engineers. The stability of the Biomax team enables long-term relationships with clients. This longevity is supported by agile solutions that can be extended to cover new use cases or business areas and evolve with the client as their needs grow and change.

Participation in multinational research projects keeps the Biomax team on the leading edge of both research and technology — and ensures that Biomax delivers state-of-the-art solutions to all of their clients.

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