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TempTraq Wearable Temperature Monitor Thermometer
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Company details
Blue Spark Technologies’ latest innovation TempTraq®, powered by Blue Spark Technologies’ patented, printed flexible battery, is the only wearable, Bluetooth® temperature monitor in the form of a soft, comfortable patch. TempTraq continuously, safely and comfortably monitors body temperature for up to 72 hours and sends alerts to Apple® or Android™ compatible mobile devices. This Bluetooth low energy-enabled temperature monitor outperforms current measuring devices that only offer one point of data and no continuous monitoring or alerts. Combine that with the accompanying free Apple or Android compatible TempTraq app, and users can now reach a new level of health care for children of all ages, and even adults.

Blue Spark continues to develop the clinical applications of TempTraq and is working closely with a number of premier hospitals on various implementations of the technology in the clinical setting through trials and pilot implementations. TempTraq is working directly with health care institutions to be used as the standard of care for temperature monitoring. TempTraq Connect, a secure HIPAA-compliant service supported by Google Healthcare Cloud Platform, will allow direct integration with healthcare providers’ electronic health records (EHR) systems and central nurse’s stations.

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