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bwh Koffer – the case manufacturer with the extraordinary standard. Quality products are created here with the precision of intelligent machine technology and manual skill in traditional manufacturing production.

The bwh case factory is a family-run company that has been successfully delivering case solutions “Made in Germany” from the company headquarters in Hörstel-Bevergern, Westphalia, across the world since 1983. With around 130 qualified employees, every year approximately 150,000 cases are produced for completely varied intended uses. The bwh experts guarantee short delivery times, great delivery reliability, compliance with the required quality and functionality for every, single case. A dense business and service network allows for quick and widespread support across the globe. Everything takes place at bwh: As a market leader in special cases and with the expertise of more than 30 years’ experience, the bwh case factory, as an unrivalled provider, provides such an extensive and thought-out selection of different, individual case solutions and their interior fittings.

Deep-drawn plastic shell cases are developed and produced in the company’s own tool shop. There is high performance foam processing available for the interior of the case which realises customer preferences perfectly. For the exterior case design is could be a case of reverting to techniques such as screen printing, photo printing or embossing. Special metal fittings such as handles and hinges also form part of the developments from the bwh experts, which are matched to the respective case type in their ergonomic form.

In addition to the core business at the bwh case factory, the production of individual case solutions for the industrial sector, the company has been running an on-line shop since 2003 Here private end users can find a broad range of classic travel cases as well as satchels and outdoor equipment with leading brands.

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