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Capillus Hair Regrowth Laser Cap
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Company details
Capillus® is a resource for those around the world battling hair loss, connecting patients to hair transplant surgeons and dermatologists for both surgical and non-invasive treatment options. Capillus® caters to both women and men with thinning hair or at risk for thinning hair, a condition that affects up to 50% of adult women and 80% of adult men.

Capillus, LLC serves to provide useful insight and helpful information to the millions of men and women losing hair, and those who care about them. Drawing on the knowledge and experience of world renowned physicians and scholars, our goal is to bring those hair loss sufferers with the latest in the treatment of hair loss as well as information on invasive and non-invasive procedures. We connect patients to physicians in the industry for a variety of treatments including new hair restoration products and services, psychological and physiological resources for hair loss, as well as to provide information to all those in need of factual hair loss information.

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