Clean Waste Systems, LLC.

200 Birch Avenue South, 55358 Maple Lake
United States of America
Telephone +1 877 478-5195/224

Product Categories

01 Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
01.06 Sterilisation
01.06.02 Sterilisation and disinfection equipment and accessories / autoclaves
Sterilisation and disinfection equipment and accessories / autoclaves

OMW-1000 Description
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Company details
Clean Waste Systems LLC
Clean Waste Systems is the designer, manufacturer, parts and service company for the OMW-1000 Medical Waste Processing System in the United States and foreign markets. Clean Waste Systems specializes in the design and development of ozone-based technologies using Humidizone™ for its sterilization and sanitation processes. The Clean Waste Systems OMW-1000 is the latest design in new technology for waste treatment related to the medical industry. This system is a stand-alone system using "patented" technology to provide complete sterilization of bio-hazardous waste with zero emissions and low energy usage. Clean Waste Systems provides marketing, sales, installation and service maintenance contracts for products sold in the United States. And manufacture support for its international distributors.

Mission Statement
To be the premier innovator of breakthrough technologies that meet and exceed the expectations of our clients in the areas of value, risk and environmental impact.

To be the premier professional provider of innovative technologies that assist the healthcare industry in meeting their goals of sustainability and safety.

Our Values
Respect - We treat each other as equals and value each person

Integrity - Doing the Right Thing: We do what we say we are going to do and deliver on our promises

Going Above and Beyond - We create positive client experience by doing the unexpected and delivering solutions where good is not enough if better is possible

Sharing Success - We work with humility and as a team, recognizing each individual's talents and contributions

A Great Place to Work - We work in a fun and supportive environment where growth, creativity, teamwork and friendships are valued

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