Danish Rehabilitation Group

Handicaporganisationernes Hus, Blekinge Boulevard 2, 2630 Tastrup

Telephone +45 32 5424-25
Fax +45 32 5724-29


Company details
There is a future significant, but certainly not problem-free, growth potential within the national and international assistive technology industry and it is up to the Danish industry to make the most of this potential. It requires focused efforts and a constructive cooperation between enterprises manufacturing complementary products and at the same time the competition between companies offering the same product range will be intensified.

DRG works towards the creation of framework conditions enabling the enterprises to obtain an optimum share of the business potential within the rehabilitation field on the short and long view.

DRG endeavours to protect the interests of many categories of enterprises offering assistive technology products and services to elderly and disabled persons, always considering the nature of the enterprises, e.g. size, distributor and/or manufacturer etc.

In this connection we keep in touch with user organisations, professional development forums, public authorities and other relevant relations in Denmark and abroad.

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