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04 Physiotherapy / Orthopaedic Technology
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Training equipment

motion stair 800 med
motion cycle 800 med
motion body 800 med
motion sprint 600 SL/SE med
motion eco relax 800 med
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Company details
The emotion fitness GmbH & Co. KG has been founded by us in 1992. After some years with a limited product range, we subsequently managed - also based on many loyal customers - to create a full range cardio line in the fitness market. Today we are a specialist for professional cardio machines in the fitness as well as in the medical market.

Being a former competitive athlete and a graduate sport scientist who worked as a national canoeing coach for many years, I (Helmut Klein) can use my expertise in terms of training diagnostics and training design in our program layouts and day to day customer collaboration. A good sense for upcoming customer demands and trends also helped developing new products.

The complete development of our machines lies in our hands. The order-based production takes place at German production sites of our long-term partners. The products convince with high functionality and an attractive value for money.

At this point, we do offer three different lines of cardio equipment. The motion cycle 200 med is a basic ergometer, which is equipped with the essential functions fo a medical machine to be used in the field of testing, rehabilitation and training. With the motion line 600 / 600 med, we do offer an ergometer range of six types of machines at a reasonable pricing, which can be equipped with various options and connectivity to many other systems based on customer settings. The premium range of cardio machines is being covered by the motion line 800 / 800 med, which impresses by its customized aluminum profiles, legally protected design of screwless casings and unique polyacrylic monitor front. The elaborated details reflect the many years of practical experience and the techniques have been optimized consequently. New challenges are always an incentive for us to focus on the future and to make the best for our customers.

True to the motto: To stand still is to go backwards!

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