Enova Illumination, Inc.

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United States of America
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Lighting systems and equipment

Cyclops XLT-125 Coaxial LED Surgical Headlight
Cyclops XLT-225 Coaxial LED Surgical Headlight
Enova’s Iris S-100 LED Surgical Headlight
Enova’s Iris D-200 LED Surgical Headlight
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Company details
Enova surgical LED headlights are designed for surgeons, by surgeons.

Enova® Illumination stands alone as the first LED surgical headlight designer and manufacturer in the industry. Our headlights can be found in the best clinics, hospitals, universities and military bases including Mt. Sinai Medical Center, Cleveland Clinic, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, University of California at Berkeley, University of Minnesota, Princeton Medical Center, Harvard Medical School, the Department of Veteran Affairs Medical Center, and Langley Air Force Base to name a few.

The Enova journey of innovation began in 2003, before “LED surgical headlights” were a reality. Dr. Sushil Gupta was performing surgery when his gown caught fire from the heat of a fiber optic cord. Then the Chairman of Surgery at Guthrie Clinic, Dr. Gupta was inspired to develop a new LED portable technology—one that would remove the restraint and restriction of fiber optic surgical headlight systems, reduce the pain caused to the neck and back from heavy fiber optic cords, and improve the light degradation and color associated with Xenon and Halogen light systems.

Dr. Gupta, also a former Professor of Surgery at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Associate Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School, approached Enova Medical Technologies and began working with its group of medical technology engineers. In 2005, this team launched the surgical headlight industry’s first LED headlight called the Halo 5000, which featured two LEDs and emitted 50,000 lux.

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