Fabrication Enterprises Inc.

250 Clearbrook Road, Suite 240, 10523 Elmsford, NY
United States of America
Telephone +1 914 3459300
Fax +1 914 3459800


Product Categories

04 Physiotherapy / Orthopaedic Technology
04.04 Occupational therapy equipment
Occupational therapy equipment

Val-u-Band® Low Powder Exercise Band
Exercise Band and Tubing Storage Racks
WaxWel® Paraffin Baths
Fluidotherapy® Dry Heat
Skillbuilders® Modular Seating System
5 Products

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Jason Drucker
914-345-9300 x1215


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Company details
The Fabrication Enterprises Facility
Fabrication Enterprises is a manufacturer, importer, and master distributor of products for physical therapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic clinics, athletic training, homecare, and more. Founded in 1974, our products are sold to hospitals, clinics, fitness centers, professionals, and more by a global network of dealers.

150,000+ sq ft. of warehouse space
Our expansive warehouse allows us to keep healthy stock levels to ensure our dealers don’t have to worry about backorders.

Fast shipping
Most products are stocked and available at our New York warehouse. Lead times vary by order size. Contact your sales representative today to discuss how we can best serve you and your customers.

Our Proprietary Brands
FEI manufactures a diverse range of products. These products are grouped within an evolving portfolio of brands. Below are some of our flagship brands.

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