FocalSpec Ltd.

P.O. Box 169, 90401 Oulu
Elektroniikkatie 13, 90590 Oulu

Telephone +358 10 2312810

Product Categories

07 Medical Services and Publications
07.10 Technical equipment management, Test houses / Certification Bodies
07.10.02 Certification and testing of medical devices, quality assurance
Certification and testing of medical devices, quality assurance

3D Line Confocal Scanner UULA
Line Confocal Sensors
Micro Profiler MP900 - Cable, Wire & Tube measurement system
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Olli Oksanen
+49 (0) 172 3000 133


Sanna Rantanen
+358 40 021 4012


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Company details
We live in a world where technological devices are growing ever smaller and consumers ever more demanding. To be able to provide clients with products that fulfill all their expectations in terms of look and feel, safety and quality, we must demand only the best from ourselves. This requires a new standard for measuring details and on-line detection of even the slightest defects.

We believe the time has come for an accuracy revolution: for many of our customers the old way of measuring is not enough. FocalSpec is an enabler, helping its clients in different manufacturing industries to strive for perfection. With our unique LCI technology we are able to provide on-line measuring of products and solutions that combine the world’s highest levels of accuracy with truly exceptional measuring speed.

FocalSpec is a company built to bring a new and unique insight to the field of measuring. We’re tech enthusiasts from the North of Finland, providing businesses from Silicon Valley to Singapore with the answers to previously impossible conundrums. Our strongest desire is that our customers always get the maximum value from our innovations.

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