Gallini S.R.L.

Via Frattini, 15, 46100 Mantova
Telephone +39 059 674411
Fax +39 059 674317

Product Categories

03 Diagnostics
03.03 Haematology / Histology / Cytology
03.03.08 Histology / Cytology reagents
Histology / Cytology reagents

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Company details
Gallini was formed over 20 years ago in Mirandola, the heartland of the Italian biomedical industry, where the corporate headquarter and production plant are located.

Gallini is leader in developing and manufacturing healthcare products and keeps the status to be one of the first companies aimed to develop single patient use biopsy needles and drainage catheters. Over the time, thanks to the experience of specialized doctors and engineers involved in the bio-medical and military research, Gallini product range and quality have been progressively enhanced, involving homecare and spine treatment lines and becoming therefore a point of reference of continuous research and innovation.

Nowadays Gallini has a worldwide presence with subsidiaries in France, Spain, Turkey and the United States and its products are distributed in more than 50 countries, through a large and qualified network of dealers.

Since far off the very beginning, many things have changed, but Gallini’s philosophy and purpose have always remained unchanged: helping healthcare providers to fulfill their mission of caring for patients. Gallini strives to serve customers in ways they need, want and value.

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