Generalstamp s.r.l.

Via Labriola, 4/a, 37054 Nogara (VR)
Telephone +39 0442 88577
Fax +39 0442 50317


Company details
Generalstamp srl is a company founded in 1972 and active in the production of medical disposables.

The company and its production processes have been certified ISO 13485: 2004 and 9001:2000 since 1997 and has since then obtained the CE mark on the families of infusion and transfusion sets, IV cannulas, scalp vein sets, blood lines, catheters, urine bags and bags for enteral and parentheral nutrition. The company has an internal workshop for the maintenance of the tools with the most advanced technical machines. The injection moulding department has machines from 45 to 485 ton working in a ISO 8 (class 100.000) environment. The assemblying is performed in a ISO 7 (class 10.000) clean room with several automatic assemblying machines.

The company is present on the national and international market both with the single components and with the sterile final product.

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