Genstar Technologies Co., Inc. (GENTEC)

4525 Edison Avenue, 91710 Chino, CA
United States of America
Telephone +1 909 6062726
Fax +1 909 6066485

Product Categories

01 Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
01.08 Surgery and Endoscopy
01.08.01 Suction devices
Suction devices

Continuous/Intermittent Suction Regulators
Continuous Suction Regulators
Venturi Vacuum Systems
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Company details
Quality, performance and price must speak for themselves, so we encourage your inquiry.

Genstar Technologies Company Inc. is a global provider of high quality pressure regulators, fittings, valves, welding apparatus and various gas control and handling devices.

Founded in 1984, Genstar Technologies has emerged as a global company. UL approved high quality products, competitive pricing, and continual technological innovation have fueled Genstar's steady growth. The Research and Development Department works continuously to improve existing product lines, while developing innovative product designs of the highest quality for diverse markets.

Our distributors take pride in supplying Genstar's products because they offer users significant value. Products are produced, assembled and tested by an experienced and dedicated work force that is committed to product integrity and excellence. In addition to their high quality, the product are interchangeable with most major brands.

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