GlobTek Inc.

186 Veterans Drive, 07647 Northvale, N.J.
United States of America
Telephone +1 201 784-1000

Product Categories

02 Electrical and electronic components
02.42 Power supplies, power protection systems, power converters
Power supplies, power protection systems, power converters

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Company details
Our Mission
GlobTek is committed to strive for increasing market share by offering high quality products while continuing aggressive research and development of new products following technological trends and fulfilling our customers' demands. We pursue these objectives by providing high quality products in a timely manner, offering superior support and service while maintaining meaningful employment and earning acceptable profit.

Anna Kaplan
Chief Executive Officer

Quality Statement
To do things right the first time, by working as a company-wide team in building quality into our products and services.
To focus on customers' needs, and then plan our actions accordingly to fulfill needs.
To continuously improve our products and services delivered to our customers.

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