Goodwood Medical Care Ltd.

1-2 Floor, 3-919 Jiulicun, Yongzheng Street, Jinzhou District, 116100 Dalian
China, People’s Republic
Telephone +86 411 39585628
Fax +86 411 39865627

Product Categories

05 Commodities and Consumer Goods
05.07 Disposable articles for surgeries
Disposable articles for surgeries

Cotton tipped applicator
Wooden tongue depressor
Oral swabs
Cervical scraper
Surgical scrub brush
5 Products

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Company details
Goodwood Introduction

Goodwood Medical Care Ltd. locates in the beautiful coastal city-Dalian. It covers pharmaceutical products, medical products, wooden products for foodstuff and so forth. Goodwood was established in 2000,covering 7000 square meters. Its registered capital is RMB100 thousand. The company has more than 100 employees, 10% which are engineers and technicians. Goodwood is manufacturer for three main products which include pharmaceutical products, medical products and wooden products for foodstuff.

Goodwood is always attentive for management and control of quality, endeavoring in improving quality of products. Goodwood passed the certification of ISO9001 & ISO13485, CE, FSC etc. and passed FDA audit successfully.

Goodwood check and control all processing of production, inspection and selling till the products delivery to the clients. Our business has been extended to all over the world according to the high quality. 90% of our production export to The United States,Canada,Japan,Netherlands,France,

Germany,Britainand other countries.

Goodwood Memorabilia
• Goodwood set up in August, 2000 and formally start to manufacture in Youjiacun, GanJingzi District, Dalian under the lead of General Manager Yu Chunqiao. The business scope is manufacture and selling I class ofmedical products and wooden products for foodstuff.

• In 2005, Goodwood passed the certification of ISO9001, ISO13485 and CE audit by TUV via the endeavor of our company.

• In 2008, Goodwood moved to present address and established modernized standard workshop and laboratory because of the expansion of production scale.

• In 2009, Goodwood passed the auditing of FSC regulation system by DNV and got FSC certification.

• In 2010, Goodwood got the medicinal registration at FDA by the agency of Registrar Corp. The register products are PVP-IODINE Swabstick and Alcohol Swabstick.

• In 2011, Goodwood improved sterile packaging technology of tip applicators and tongue depressors by self-designed development which improved production capacity of sterile packaging and the quality of products was guaranteed.This technology still take the leading position in the same industry so far.

• In 2012, Goodwood renovated Pharmaceutical products shop and Microbiology Lab.

• In 2013,Goodwood passed on-site inspection by FDA officials without 483 form.

• In 2014,Goodwood pass BRC audit

• In 2015 ,Goodwood plan to bulid new factory to produce the upline items

• In 2016 ,Goodwood enlarged the workshop .

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