Healthcare Technology International Ltd.

15/F., Blk. B., Veristrong Industrial, Center, 36 Au Pui Wan Street, Fotan, Shatin
Hong Kong, China SAR
Telephone +852 2172 1250
Fax +852 2343 7310


Company details
With 30 years of experience, Automatic Manufacturing Limited (a member of AML Group) is an ISO9001, ISO 13485, QS9000 certified and cGMP practicing manufacturer with FDA and China CFDA registered facilities. We provide multi-technology design and manufacturing services for medical and healthcare devices, , office equipments & telecom products, industrial controls & home automation products.

Our Mission
Having a corporate culture rooted in “Innovation & Quality”, AML’s mission is to provide best Quality Products and Integrated Services, from Design to Manufacturing, at the most competitive costs and lead time, using continuous innovations in technology and management, to maximize shareholder’s Long-Term Value with Balanced Concern for all Stakeholders.

Our Value & Culture
Our Value & Culture are:
- We satisfy customer at Quality, Costs and Lead time
- We co-lead Value Chain through Strategic Partnership
- We reward loyal staff with Job Rotation and Promotion
- We co-lead Teamwork for Complementary Strength & Shared Benefits

Our Vision
AML’s vision is to continuously strive for Technology Deployment, Product Innovation and Manufacturing Excellence. In order to achieve our vision, we practice excellence in Design For Six Sigma (DFSS), Accelerated Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM), Lean Manufacturing, Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR) Logistics Agility, Fit Sigma Quality and Career Development through Corporate University (AMU).

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