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4660 N. Ravenswood Ave., 60640 Chicago
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Electrosurgical devices (HF)

Innoblative Sira™
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Tyler Wanke
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Victor Simoes
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Company details
Innoblative is a medical device company developing innovative advanced energy medical devices.

Long term clinical trials have demonstrated in hundreds of American and European patients that post-lumpectomy radio-frequency ablation (RFA) safely provides local recurrence control without radiation therapy and reduces the need for reoperation procedures, without sacrificing cosmetic outcome.

Innoblative's Sira™ device is the first single-use disposable RFA system designed specifically to fit the post-lumpectomy surgical site to thermally ablate beyond the margin of surgery. The Sira™ device aims to destroy residual cancer cells in minutes so that patients can avoid radiation exposure and reduce the need for a reoperation.

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