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Product Categories

12 Packaging and print
12.01 Packaging equipment
12.01.06 Blister packaging equipment
Blister packaging equipment

MEDIPACKER TS – The entry-level model for small runs.
KOCH Blister Machine KBS-PT with octagonal pallet transport
KOCH KBS-KF – Big in every way: Format, film diversity, functional reliability.
3 Products

12 Packaging and print
12.01 Packaging equipment
12.01.09 Form-fill seal equipment
Form-fill seal equipment

12 Packaging and print
12.01 Packaging equipment
12.01.22 Thermoform fill and seal equipment
Thermoform fill and seal equipment

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Company details
KOCH Pac-Systeme–Your expert for custom packaging solutions
Across all industries worldwide there is a growing demand for custom solutions designed to ensure the safe and suitable packaging of the most diverse products. Whether in the consumer and industrial goods industry, the cosmetics and personal care sector, or in the burgeoning market for medical products, the seasoned packaging machine experts at KOCH Pac-Systeme offer packaging solutions tailored to meet every need.

From the smallest screw to multi-part children’s toys right down to complex packaging concepts for medical products, we provide you with packaging solutions customized to your needs. As a successful packaging manufacturer with many years’ experience, we are keenly aware that professional, safe and convenient packaging is not only a logistical necessity but also a strong selling point for our customers. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and constant innovation, we create compelling end-to-end packaging solutions that stand out both in terms of functionality and visual appeal.

From individual machines to modular packaging solutions

Our team of professionals will be glad to help you find the right packaging solution for your application. Regardless of whether you are looking for an intelligent blister machine or a complex, modular line, there is one thing you can be sure of: KOCH Pac-Systeme will come up with the right solution.

For complex packaging requirements we particularly recommend the KOCH packagingLine. A fully integrated and optimally interlinked packaging process will enable you not only to markedly boost your efficiency but also to respond flexibly to different needs and adapt the system to fully meet your requirements, both in terms of the product itself and the size of the system and your logistics setup. After analyzing your individual needs we will develop a suitable packaging solution and support you throughout the entire process–including setup and installation of the system and associate automation technology, provision of staff training, and commissioning. Our portfolio also includes feed systems and inspection solutions. So ultimately, you get all the support you need for your packaging solution right here at KOCH–your single source and central point of contact.

Quality from the leading manufacture of packaging machines

KOCH Pac-Systeme–your specialist for individual packaging solutions since1969: As a leading packaging specialist, we know that the quality of our products and services is our most valuable asset. That is why we have a DIN-certified quality management system in place that guarantees reliably superior products. Our team of motivated and highly skilled employees has the necessary know-how and the analytical and technical expertise to give you the best possible advice and ensure the successful implementation of your project. Our impeccable standards and the quality of our packaging solutions enable us to consistently guarantee maximum customer.

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