Lille Eurasanté GIE

Parc Eurasanté, 310, avenue Eugene Avinee, 59120 Loos
Telephone +33 3 28559060
Fax +33 3 28559061

Product Categories

07 Medical Services and Publications
07.04 Professional institutions
Professional institutions

Eurasanté Bio Incubator
1 Product

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Company details
The companies operating at the Eurasanté Park boast outstanding expertise in the following fields

Hospital engineering
Medical devices
Pharmaceutical biotechnologies
Nutrition and functional foods
Professional development and higher education
ICT for healthcare
The proximity of the Eurasanté Bio-business Park to the research laboratories of the CHRU Lille contributes to the emergence of innovative activities in the health sector. It offers a unique opportunity for numerous companies to grow, while benefiting from the services of internationally-renowned technological platforms which are available on the campus.

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