Machine Solutions Inc.

2951 Shamrell Blvd, 86001 Flagstaff
United States of America
Telephone +1 928 5563109



Company details
Machine Solutions provides manufacturing and testing equipment for catheter and medical device manufacturers. Our equipment offerings include balloon catheter pleat and folding, drug coated stent crimping, heart valve crimping, catheter tipping, bonding, flaring, flanging, medical wire braiding and coiling, catheter lamination, marker band swaging, hole forming, biopharmaceutical sealing, sterile connecting and disconnecting along with many other applications. We have facilities to perform stent radial force testing, catheter trackability and torquability, stent securement and medical braiding evaluation to meet your R&D and validationrequirements.

When you work with any of the divisions of Machine Solutions, you are more than a customer, you are a partner. We put our decades of engineering expertise to work, ensuring you the best possible solution for your unique process. Our dedicated and responsive service and support team works full time making sure your Machine Solutions equipment keeps running, reducing your production line down time.

We know that your customers expect the highest quality products. With that in mind we invested in a multi-million dollar machine shop to produce the best parts, Expert engineers to design our solutions, and patented, innovative technology to produce the best results. When you work with Machine Solutions you are working with the best equipment, with tight tolerances, and precise controls. You can feel confident that your products will prove superior.

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