Maider Medical Industry Equipment Co., Ltd.

No. 3 Tianyou Road, Bingang Industry City, Shamen, 317607 Yuhuan, Zhejiang
China, People’s Republic
Telephone +86 576 87498999
Fax +86 576 87110008


Company details
Maider Medical Industry Equipment Co.,Ltd. is specialized in design, R&D, manufacture and sales ofmedical products assembly automation line. As a national hi-tech enterprise as well as a ‘double-software’enterprise, Maider owns many invention patents and has been the leader of national medical products assembly automation.

By providing automation line for customers in the field of medical products,Maider helps to realize substitution for human labor with equipments, improve production efficiency and promote transformation as well as upgrading of medical products industry. Maider is now being a‘turnkey solution provider’from an‘equipment supplier’. In addition, based on new edited GMP, Maider gradually realizes industrialization of ‘smart factory’ turnkey solution, and promotes medical products manufacturing companies to upgrade as‘smart factory’.

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