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Product Categories

10 Equipment and technologies for laboratories and manufacturing
10.02 Manufacturing equipment
10.02.27 Measuring machines
Measuring machines

13 Services
13.02 Testing, certification, quality assurance
13.02.08 Quality assurance, quality systems
Quality assurance, quality systems

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Company details
The company was established in Bologna in 1952 by Mr. Mario Possati (1922-1990): he had the idea of making the first in-process equipment for checking parts during grinding, allowing improvements in the quality and quantity of parts made by machine tools.In 1962, ten years after it was established, having gained a good share of the domestic market, the company opened its first office abroad, in Germany.

In 1963 Marposs crossed the ocean to the United States. The main factory today is located at Auburn Hills, on the outskirts of Detroit, the American motor car capital.

In 1970, after eighteen years of business, Marposs opened its first office in Japan.

This was the starting point of the penetration into the Asian market, beginning with China and Korea in the mid-'80s.

Marposs is now present directly with its own sales and service organization in more than 20 countries and has a network of agents and distributors in another dozen countries.

After the year 2000 Marposs began a program of acquisitions of solid, well-structured companies, each able to supply a top quality product in its field. As a whole, today the companies of Marposs group can supply a widest range of equipment for quality control in production environment.

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