Mazet Santé SAS

ZA Route de Tence, 43520 Le Mazet-Saint-Voy
Telephone +33 4 71650216

Product Categories

01 Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
01.03 Therapie and physical medicine
01.03.02 Electro-therapy equipment
Electro-therapy equipment

The b-Lift is a depressotherapy device.
The BioStim is an electrostimulation device and biofeedback dedicated to uro-gynecological rehabilitation.
iPress 10C | iPress 6C
Ultravet is an ultrasonic device, studied, developed, manufactured and assembled within our factory in the Haute-Loire.
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Company details
Mazet Santé is a brand of Electronique du Mazet.
Located on the Haut Lignon in Haute-Loire since 1979, the company Electronique du Mazet has become expert in designing and manufacturing medical equipments (brand Mazet Santé).

It has 35 employees including three engineers and three technicians.

The workshop and offices represent 1400m².

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