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MedicalMountains vertritt die Interessen der Medizintechnikunternehmen bei allen Fragestellungen rund um Technologie, Innovation, Forschung & Entwicklung oder Politik

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MedicalMountains AG is based in Tuttlingen – and for a good reason: Tuttlingen is the world center of medical technology. Already in the 19th century the city was known for the manufacture and trade of medical devices. Today, Baden-Württemberg is one of the leading locations for medical technology, whose radiance goes far beyond the national borders.

A distinctive quality orientation, innovative thinking and the ability to precisely capture the needs of the market laid the foundations for the success story of the region. Long before the economy discovered the term “cluster” for itself, advantages of the spatial proximity of manufacturers, suppliers and service providers were well-known and used.

This exchange of expertise and know-how was and is the basis for the fact that products from Tuttlingen and all of Baden-Württemberg are of the highest quality.

But also in the field of medical technology, the changes in the market represent a serious challenge. In order to remain competitive as a single company as well as as an economic location in the long term, it is necessary to bring together strengths and competences, networking research and business and stimulating international cooperation. To promote and support these factors is the goal of the Cluster initiative MedicalMountains.

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