MediCapture Inc.

5397 S.E. Major Way, 34997 Stuart, FL
United States of America
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01 Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
01.02 Imaging proceedings
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System for Image documentation

MediCap® MVR Lite 4K
The iMave Pro Platform
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Frank Magnier
+33 6 82 57 11 03


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Company details
Since 2002, MediCapture has been the leader in designing and manufacturing advanced digital video recorders for the medical industry.

The company’s market leadership is built on its unique ability to supply doctors and operating rooms with easy-to-use, powerful and affordable video recorders that connect to virtually any surgical camera with crystal clear HD and advanced 4K recording formats.

Powered by the new iMave Pro Platform, MediCapture’s next-generation digital video recorders will soon offer a new integrated suite of options like life-like 4K clarity, easy-touch screen control, WiFi and networking cloud capabilities.

Understanding that requirements for surgical recording vary within disciplines, the iMave Pro Platform is scalable. Its smart operating system is built for feature flexibility to meet the various needs of the surgery, operating room and medical office markets, and can power new products with custom solutions offered by OEMs.

MediCapture products are medical grade with full certifications for demanding operating room environments (ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 13485:2012) and are marketed by the world’s largest endoscope and surgical microscope manufacturers.

MediCapture offers a global reach through its worldwide offices, including its headquarters in Philadelphia, USA, with subsidiaries in Europe and Taiwan, and sales, marketing and strategic partnerships throughout Europe.

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