Metal Impact LLC

795 Sam T. Barkley Dr., 38652 New Albany, MS
United States of America
Telephone +1 662 5386500
Fax +1 662 5386561

Product Categories

01 Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
01.04 Intense medicine / anesthesiology / respiration
01.04.05 Oxygen equipment
Oxygen equipment

Medical Cylinders
1 Produc

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Company details
Metal impact is owned and operated by Thunderbird, LLC. Formed in 1999, Thunderbird, LLC is a general partnership between Kevin Prunsky and John Newell.

F&B Mfg LLC, also owned by Thunderbird, LLC, is a sister company of Metal Impact LLC and is based in Phoenix, AZ. F&B Mfg LLC core expertise begins with hydroforming complex sheet metal shapes and then goes beyond offering a full spectrum of metal forming value added capabilities.

Metal Impact is a highly diversified contract manufacturer of aluminum impact extrusions and cold forged steel products. We provide products over a wide range of industries with a heavy concentration in the aerospace, automotive, military/defense, consumer product market, as well as agricultural equipment and the building product segments. We also offer value-added secondary operations to the extrusions, offering customers a wide range of machining, heat treating, and coating options.

Technical competency is the heart of the value we provide to our customers. Metal Impact will work directly with our customers using our superior technical capabilities to convert components to impact extrusions that previously may not have been suitable to this process.

With the capability to convert several components to a single product the customer most often benefits from lower tooling costs, increased product quality, lower inventory costs, and increased margins.
Over the years, Metal Impact has built its strong reputation in the industry for innovative design and processes, consistent high quality, and the capability to produce the most difficult to manufacture products.
By leveraging several emerging technologies, such as cloud computing, hosted services, and virtualization, Metal Impact provides cutting edge services our customers that are also cost effective to their business.

This highly robust architecture enables Metal Impact to maximize productivity efficiencies, and ultimately greatly improve product delivery and customer satisfaction.

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