Nanjing Chenwei Medical Equipment Co. Ltd.

No. 93, Shengtai West Road, Jiangning Development Zone, 211100 Nanjing
China, People’s Republic
Telephone +86 25 86989898-207
Fax +86 25 57918628

Product Categories

01 Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
01.04 Intense medicine / anesthesiology / respiration
01.04.01 Anaesthetic equipment
Anaesthetic equipment

CWM-301C Anesthesia workstation
CWM-301A Anesthesia workstation
CWM-301 Anesthesia workstation
CWM-RC Anesthesia workstation
CWM-303 Anesthesia workstation
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Company details
Company Profile
Founded in 1992, we are professional in anesthesia systems and ventilators for 2 decades, one of the earliest manufacturers in this area and maintain a strong presence in China. Our anesthesia technologies have contributed to high quality healthcare over a big range in the world. Today our products stand for the safe, efficient, flexible and reliable on the market.

Products and Services
We manufacture our CWM anesthesia series, CWH ventilator series at our modern facilities in Nanjing, where the R&D, production line, assembly line, sales centre, and warehouse and service team are based. Chenwei anesthesia systems, ventilators and accessories are sold through our sales team over many countries in worldwide range and our distributor network also plays a key role in the retailing markets.

Quality Authentication
Our Quality Systems and products are certified to CE and ISO 9001/13485 standards. As the perfect performance in the aid programs, the infrastructure projects of governments and the cooperation with most famous medical equipment manufacturers, our products meet the most favorable popularities in market worldwide.

Chenwei is a valued supplier/OEM to other medical equipment manufacturers. We are the preferred choice for manufacturers and agents, who demand consistent supplies of high quality products and perfect performance abilities.

Service, Maintenance and Training
We offer a highly professional after-sales support provision as well as to provide technique supports according to customers’ needs. Training courses are available of the service packages, managed by experienced training officers. The after-sale service department delivers fast response times and cost-effective maintenance programmes without fears in the rear.

Supplier Source
Supplier must pass factory audit organized bu 3rd party international auditing company; audit is based on medical equipment standard
Regular factory audit every year
Original sourcing and direct sourcing

Customer voice
Professional sales executive regularly visit customers and collect customer feedbacks for our further improvement

Chenwei Brand
Chenwei is the trusted partner for professionals who rely on our quality standard, wide level range and highly competitive advantages. Today we are very proud to share with you our core products, which are dedicated to providing professional assortment and business solutions for ICU and operation room.

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