NewScen Coast Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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Rapid tests - Infectious immunology

HIV 3line 1+2 Rapid Test Kit
HCV Rapid Test Kit
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Company details
NewScen Coast Bio Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of in vitro diagnostic products and related supporting apparatuses, which is jointly founded by Tianjin Pharmaceutical Group, Tianjin Zhongxin Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd and oversea Chinese entrepreneurs. Founded in 2003, the company is one national high tech corporation and Tianjin Grade A medical device manufacturer. Over the years, the company has been committed to the research, development, production and sales of in vitro diagnostic products and related supporting apparatuses, and also has provided OEM and ODM and technology transfer and cooperation as well as some other customermarket based diversified services to customers at home and abroad.

NewScen Coast is based on independent innovation and relies on the talent sharing at home and abroad,information interaction advantage, antibody preparation and new product R & D technology platform to develop and produce nine series about one hundred kinds of products including tests and instruments and put on the market in succession. HIV (1 + 2) antibody rapid test obtained national patent and national second class of new drug certificate; HCV antibody rapid test is the first double antigen sandwich test HCV patented product; NewScen’s quantitative test broke through the technical difficulty of the colloid gold quantitative detection, opening up a new situation for clinical application of colloidal gold test. Rapid immuno assay reader provides an open and common platform for qualitative and quantitative detection of the colloidal gold test. The company has received CFDA medical device certificates of 32 products, 49 independent intellectual property rights, FDA certificates of 3 products and European CE certificates of 16 products. Production management is in strict accordance with the regulations of in vitro diagnostic product production as well as international quality management system (ISO 9001, ISO 13485) so as to ensure high product quality. Products are sold throughout the country and in North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and other international markets.

Currently, the company integrated colloidal gold test, immunochromatographic interpretoscope and cloud technology and other technical advantages, and created management integrated POCT system, so as to achieve convenient, accurate and efficient onsite data collection and remote guidance or data sharing of the monitoring center and promote the development of modern testing technique and the improvement of diagnosis and treatment level.

NewScen Coast has obtained the project support from Tianjin or the country for nine times in succession,has been identified as one hightech SME in Tianjin, has obtained the title of “Top 100 SMEs in Tianjin”among Tianjin SMEs, and is the rapid diagnostic hightech demonstration project base and national 863 project undertaker awarded by the NDRC. Fecal occult blood, serum ferritin and hepatitis C rapid test products were named Tianjin independent innovation products; brand “YBT”products have been awarded the title of “Chinese women and children favorite brand product” by Chinese Women and Children Development Center; “YBT” trademark was named “Tianjin famous trademark”.

“Honesty, verity, authenticity, and innovation", is our persistent commitment.

“Encouraging our employees growing with company” is the driving force beneath our surging growth.

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