Nusil Technology LLC

1050 Cindy Lane, 93013 Carpinteria, CA
United States of America
Telephone +1 805 684-8780
Fax +1 805 566-9905

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09 Raw materials and adhesives
09.39 Silicone

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The NuSil™ Brand Story
For more than 35 years, the NuSil™ brand has set the global standard in medical and space-grade silicones, advancing purity and quality while redefining expectations in customer care.

In 2016, the next exciting chapter of the NuSil™ brand story began: we merged with Avantor® to create the global leader in ultra-high-purity materials for the biomaterials and advanced technology markets.

Our Brand
The NuSil™ brand was born out of two especially demanding industries, medical implants and aerospace, each of which requires the highest level of care.

Over decades and across all facets of Biomaterials and Advanced Technologies, we've refined our business practices into a specific business philosophy.

We define this philosophy through our:

Unconventional thinking
Ability to customize on a mass scale
Commitment to advancing purity standards
Exacting Quality System
High-touch customer service (NuSil™ Care)
The company now known as Avantor was founded more than a century ago by John Townsend (J.T.) Baker, with a commitment to produce chemicals of the "highest degree of purity commercially available." That commitment has never wavered, and now through the unique strengths of our NuSil™ brand, Avantor will empower our customers to innovate the next generation of health and technology solutions with confidence.

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