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United States of America
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Product Categories

03 Diagnostics
03.05 Infectious Immunology
03.05.05 Equipment and systems for microbiological diagnosis/virology
Equipment and systems for microbiological diagnosis/virology

MultiLANE™ Systems
MultiDISH™ Production Systems
SOLO™ Systems
MultiFILL™ Tube and Vial Systems
MultiFILL™ Model 151
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Company details
ONLINE Engineering is the leading manufacturer of production equipment for the diagnostic culture media industry. For over 30 years ONLINE has pioneered and developed methods and features that have become today’s industry standards. Since 1993 ONLINE has been exporting its products. Today we are serving over a hundred customers in 35 countries throughout the world. Our global presence makes us the preferred partner for commercial producers worldwide and our systems are known for top quality, ‘leading edge’ technology and cost-effectiveness.

Our product line is diverse, continually evolving, and focused on improving your end-product quality and quantity demands at decreased labor and material cost. ONLINE is committed to your success, evident through our approach to project management and after sales service. Each customer experience is backed with a team of engineers dedicated to providing you with a level of obligation and attention to detail unparalleled by others in the industry.

As the chosen supplier for the leading commercial producers, we are continually on the forefront of the latest industry trends.

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