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Disinfection of medical devices

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Company details
Parker Laboratories, Inc. Parker Laboratories is a leading global medical products company that develops, manufactures and sells ultrasound and electromedical contact media, as well as leading lines of institutional cleaners and disinfectants. We are focused on consistently providing products that meet or exceed industry standards and customer expectations. We create customer confidence through prompt, efficient service and provide effective solutions to our customers' unique needs.

Dedicated to Quality

Parker Laboratories is the first manufacturer of electromedical contact media to receive ISO Certification, an international recognition of excellence. Parker is registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as a manufacturer of medical devices and all our products are produced under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) directives. Parker products are available in every country throughout the world and medical practitioners everywhere recognize Parker for quality and dependability.

Manufacturing Capability

Aside from manufacturing our own medical ultrasound and electromedical contact media, Parker Laboratories engages in special contract manufacturing projects to meet the special circumstances of our customers. We provide assistance in the development of customized formulations and/or packaging to meet the most stringent special requirements of the industry.
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