Pronat Medical

18 Tzavei Hanachal Street, Emek Hefer Industrial Park, 3877701 Emek Hefer

Telephone +972 4 6286888
Fax +972 4 6286890

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11 Manufacturing Services
11.16 Forming
11.16.28 Diecutting (Manufacturing Services)
Diecutting (Manufacturing Services)

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Adi Wollenberg
972 4 6286865


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Company details
Pronat Medical

Pronat provides custom skin contact solutions for medical devices.
With its skilled workforce and over thirty years of experience in precise manufacturing, Pronat develops and manufactures custom medical fixations, wearables and patches.

Wearable Device Applications include:
Injectable drug devices,
ECG sensors,
cardiac monitoring,
self–testing devices,
temperature measurement,
patient monitoring,
diagnostics, muscle stimulation
ISO 13485 – Clean Room production

Contact: Adi Wollenberg – Medical sales coordinator Tel: +972 4 6286865

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