Ruian Sunnyworld International Trade Co., Ltd.

11 Building, Xingda Road, 325200 Ruian, Zhejiang
China, People’s Republic
Telephone +86 577 65917211
Fax +86 577 65910855

Product Categories

01 Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
01.01 Diagnostics
01.01.01 General Diagnostics
General Diagnostics

finger oximeter
handheld monitor, SW-PMI
Patient Monitor, SW-PM2007
Portable Patient Monitor, SW-8000S
Patient Monitoring, SW-PM8000D1
5 Products

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Company details
RUIAN SUNNYWORLD INTERNATIONAL TRADE COMPANY and SUNNYWORLD MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS CO.,LTD. have an abundance of manufacturing experience and professional staff and management systems. We have become one of the leading suppliers of blood pressure monitors, stethoscopes, penlights, diagnostic hammers etc. in China. Also, SUNNYWORLD has united many sister factories to offer more medical products models. We are glad to receive your inquiries about any of these products.

Since establishing our company, we have focused on quality improvement, appearance enhancement, new products, as well as research and development to meet competitive market demands. Now most of our products meet the international quality requirements, and we have received CE certification, ISO 9002 and FDA approval. Competitive pricing, superior quality, prompt delivery and excellent service ensures total customer satisfaction. OEM’s are welcome and we are more than happy to accommodate to customers' requests.

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