Shanghai Jianzhong Medical Packaging Co., Ltd.

Bldg. No. 16, 789# Puxing Road, Minhang District, 201114 Shanghai
China, People’s Republic
Telephone +86 21 54315666-5201
Fax +86 21 54315801

Product Categories

05 Commodities and Consumer Goods
05.02 Universal medical commodities
Universal medical commodities

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Company details
Jianzhong was established in 1988, and focus on widely-adopted soft packaging products, esp. paper-film and aluminum foil packaging series for medical device, providing solution for custormer. Due to devoted service and R&D,our gross sales is > RMB 100m, as well as continuous expanding.The idea of post-sterilization protection brought by Jianzhong has been accepted widely.Jianzhong has made distinguished efforts for >20 years and will proceed in future.Our professional experience and thoughtful service make your assurance and trust.
To meet market demand and development, Jianzhong has adjusted strategically in 2008. Jianzhong has set up manufacturing facility for export in Shanghai Caohejing Export and Processing Zone, registered as Shanghai Jianzhong Medical Packaging Co. Ltd. Production capacity is 2million pcs per day. Besides , Jianzhong enterprise set up the manufacturing facility in Shanghai Fenxian Spark Industry Park, registered as Shanghai Jianzhong Medical Packaging Co., Ltd. Capacity will be 5million pcs per day.
With long-term experience in sales and marketing, we are authorized as: Branding Company, Reputable Products, 4-star Creditable Enterprise, etc.. We’ve applied 14 patents in sterilization industry and also one of Industry Standard drafter.

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